The healthcare challenge

Caregivers, administrators, clinicians, and patients seek attractive, reconfigurable, technology-integrated healing spaces.  Multiple challenges stand in their way:

•  Aging buildings and technology                            • Rising costs

• The need for a new generation of furnishings       • Mobility and Aesthetics

• Shrinking budgets                                                  • Regulatory and sustainability issues

Emphasize one, and the others suffer.  It’s not possible to have it all…or is it?


Designed for the Healthcare Environment

Designed for the Healthcare Environment

Putting People at the Center of Health Experiences

bkm Health is a distinct division of our company – serving hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics and assisted living. Our goal is to help you realize your vision, and give you the solutions you need to create environments that connect patients to their caregivers and improve the healing process. Your new healthcare environment should be a space where performance increases; patients and caregivers are made to feel comfortable; and design solutions are implemented competently to improve healthcare spaces for everyone. We recognize the unique needs of a 24/7 care facility with solutions that offer the greatest appeal and value to our customers.

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