The needs of today’s students are changing, and many schools are reconsidering how pedagogy, technology and space can be integrated for a greater impact on teaching and learning. Often, the cost for schools to adapt and evolve requires outside funding—primarily, grants.

The task of writing a grant can seem daunting, but being equipped with the right skills can not only prevent out-of-pocket expenses for educators, but also earn funds to improve the quality of learning for students.

bkm hosted a four hour interactive seminar that created a roadmap for educators to find suitable grants that will benefit their students and classrooms.

With experts from Polymath, LLC—an organization dedicated to training teachers and bring clarity to the grant-writing process, the attendees were provided with state-specific grant writing tips and hands-on practice, all within the context of an active learning environment.

Attendees gained knowledge, skills, resources, and made the first step of a complete grant application—a letter of interest for a specific grant of their choice.