Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center

Baylor Outpatient Cancer Center

As the largest outpatient cancer center in North Texas, the Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center strives to provide a full spectrum of nourishment for patients. Every detail in the facility was carefully thought out to ensure that the patient will have full physical as well as emotional support for them and their families. From the chapels, dining areas, and gift and appearance centers, to the comfortable lounge areas, a soothing, hospitality feel of a high end hotel is evident.

Baylor Outpatient Cancer Center

In collaboration with architecture and design firm, Perkins + Will, bkm decided every aspect of the furniture in the facility. Together with Baylor management, the bkm design team created specific parameters for the employees to choose from, while still harmonizing with the overall theme of the facility. Regular planning meetings were set with each department to discuss and choose the furniture and finishes they wanted to use to customize their work areas. The 10th floor Conference Center was also designed not only to support the facility’s staff, but also to meet the corporate needs of all Baylor facilities.

Baylor Outpatient Cancer Center

“A project this size could not be done without the collaboration and investment in time that bkm was able to provide,” notes Jerry Hopgood, “combining their expertise in design and installation with a compassion for our patients and employees, the end result is one for which bkm is proud, because the Baylor team is certainly proud of what was delivered.”

McMillen High School

Plano ISD

Over the summer of 2011, bkm furnished the newest addition to Plano ISD, McMillen High School in Murphy, TX. The school’s goal was to create an educational environment that emphasized collaboration. McMillen High School was built with team work and group dynamics in mind, creating an atmosphere that fosters the sharing of ideas by both students and staff.


bkm worked with McMillen High School staff to decide every piece of furniture for the 75 classrooms, 25 administration areas, 12 teacher and student collaboration areas, and six public areas that were furnished.


“We feel fortunate as a campus and a community that we were given the opportunity to create this exciting learning environment for our students and staff” says Sharon Hirsch, Office Manager, McMillen High School.

Yum Brands


bkm started as a service provider in summer 2008 for Yum Brands/Pizza Hut. About a year later, bkm started working with design firm Callison on the company headquarters project. In summer of 2010, bkm was awarded the Systems and Ancillary portion of the project which included 500 workstations and all ancillary furniture within three floors of the 180,000 square foot building.


Pizza Hut was adamant about attracting the younger generations, retaining their current employees, employee collaboration, and company branding. bkm made sure to keep all of these themes alive when designing and space planning.


In addition, when budget issues arose, bkm suggested Re-creations services to help save money. bkm was able to utilize the fabrics that other vendors would not use and create custom millwork pieces. Currently, bkm is still providing asset management, installation, and Re-creations services to Yum Brands/Pizza Hut.