Carol Roehrig

Advocate supporting women and business owners.
Lifelong learner…perennial student of all
Word lover…writing, reading and puzzles.
Outdoor aerobic devotee…cross country skier, hiker, walker, once marathoner
Lover of mountains and gardens.

Steve Burak

Devoted husband, proud father to 2 girls, tennis player extraordinaire, avid runner and fitness fan, once and future golfer, Greenbay Packer season ticket holder.

Doug Dzina

VP of Sales
Servant leader, husband to Tricia , father of 2 girls, soon-to-be empty-nester, mediocre tennis aficionado, youth basketball coach, dog-lover and a guy that gets stuff done.

Deborah Walpole

Vice President- Employee Experience
University of Texas at Dallas Alum, mom of a teenage competitive swimmer, skier of lakes and believer in pushing yourself beyond your fears to show us how grand life can be!

James Stone

Logistics Manager
I have spent 25 years playing with Steelcase, the last 20 at bkm. I enjoy a good challenge at work, a remodel project at home, or a weekend in the great outdoors.

Mindy Morris

Customer Coordinator Supervisor
University of North Texas Alum, avid baker, loves to scrapbook and travel. Life is too short to be serious all the time; be a little mischievous and live spontaneously.