Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys vs Smartest in the Room

Growing up, I listened to my mom and dad’s old collection of 45s, the stuff that’s now considered Golden Oldies:…

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True North

Like a lot of folks who majored in one of the Humanities, I bounced around between majors: Commercial Art, then…

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2017 Steelcase Premier Partner

BKM Total Office of Texas is honored to be recognized as a recipient of the distinguished 2017 Steelcase Premier Partner…

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Rethinking Humanities

I was a Humanities Major before I knew what a Humanities Major was. Growing up, I was that little boy…

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Are Introverts Better In the Corporate World… ?

Appreciating the Strengths of Introverts in the Corporate Environment Growing up, my best friend was Bobby, he of the amazing…

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Lucky Bobby

When I was growing up, I had a friend named Bobby, and Bobby was the luckiest person I had ever…

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The needs of today‚Äôs students are changing, and many schools are reconsidering how pedagogy, technology and space can be integrated…

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Regarding… Patient Satisfaction

bkm hosted a healthcare focused event that featured speakers, Mary Juhlin, Category Project Manager – Steelcase Health, Steve Morrow, VP…

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