With our partnerships, we innovate workspaces.

Innovation Center

Through our relationships with the following industry partners, we provide a robust portfolio of workplace products. Our proud partnership with Steelcase, the largest office furniture company in the world, allows us to provide our clients access with the tools, research and analysis that provides visibility into how we work best and most productively.

Our Partners


The SILQ office chair by Steelcase
The SILQ office chair by Steelcase is a breakthrough in seating design. Its innovative materiality is both mechanism and artistry, and delivers a personal experience by responding to the unique movements of your body.

For over 100 years, Steelcase has helped create great experiences for the world’s leading organizations. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of architecture, furniture and technology products and services designed to unlock human promise and support social, economic and environmental sustainability. They are globally accessible through a network of channels, including over 800 dealer locations, and their brands and partnerships (including Steelcase, Coalesse, Designtex, PolyVision, Turnstone, and Blue Dot) help create great experiences wherever work happens.

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