Remanufactured Product: Answer, Avenir, Montage, Series 9000

The remanufacturing process extends the life cycle of office furniture through a total regeneration process. Re-creations inventory includes 35,000 square feet of previously-owned Steelcase workstations.

  • work surfaces
  • overhead shelves and bins
  • electrical components, UL listed
  • connectors
  • drawer units
  • panels

The Re-creations team completely disassembles and strips each component down to its elemental parts. Every piece is inspected, cleaned and tested; from the smallest nut and bolt, to electrical components and interior panel insulation. Non functioning or damaged parts are discarded and replaced. New fabrics are applied and metal trim is re-painted. Remanufactured products look like new and carry the Re-creations warranty. Most importantly, remanufactured product is sold for 30%-50% less than the cost of first generation, brand new (OEM) product. Remanufacturing diverts worn and discolored furniture from landfills by reestablishing functional ability and aesthetics. Remanufactured products conserve resources, thus reducing the negative impact on our environment.

Refurbished Product: all manufacturer’s product

If your facility’s furniture appears worn, but remains functional, it can be cosmetically rejuvenated. Wood surfaces and frames are re-touched. Steel is cleaned, sanded and repainted. Chairs are reupholstered to update aesthetics. Re-creations rehabilitates your furniture and delivers it back to your facility within 4 weeks. In addition, Re-creations stocks a selection of ready-to-refurbish chairs and interchangable panels for smaller, fast track projects.

Why discard products that may enjoy many more years of use?

For most companies, furniture represents a large investment.

Re-creations restores valuable assets to their original working condition and appearance for approximately one third of the cost of new. With a variety of treatments ranging from on site cleaning to complete refinishing, Re-creations protects your furniture investment and revitalizes your office environment so employees notice the difference.

Your company may be able to extend the depreciation schedule of your furniture by extending the life cycle of its capital assets. Your facility’s furniture refurbishment can be performed in incremental phases in order to amortize cost and minimize work flow disruptions.

Refurbishing your furniture not only saves your company money, but helps the environment too. The closed loop system of reusing your existing furniture literally diverts tons of plastic, wood, fiber and metal from limited landfill space. For each pound of refurbished product, five-to-nine pounds of virgin materials and natural resources are conserved and 85%-95% less energy is consumed.

For more information, visit the Re-creations by bkm website.