Here’s what we do:

  • Identify Usable Furniture Assets.   bkm’s asset specialists identify all vintages and brands of furniture products, categorizing items by style, condition, parts, and reusability.  This analysis creates a reuse strategy platform, setting a baseline for what to keep and what to purge.
  • Bar Code and Scan.  Each unique furniture item receives a data base identifier, bar code, and scan into an electronic asset management program.   This data base enables instant online information access about available product, items reserved for projects, photos, churn reports, and identifies slow-moving products.   Active inventory management assures proper and timely cost controls.
  • Refresh and refurbish.  Condition codes classify items that may need parts, cleaning, new paint, wood touch up, or some new fabric.  What better time to refresh and renew furniture than during its “down” time.  bkm Studio’s skilled artisans turn tired products into like new condition, ready for your next project.
  • Broker or Dispose.  Optimizing value might mean clearing out low use items.  bkm’s asset team presents designated purge items to brokers for potential resale value, and manages this asset transfer.  When items offer no sale opportunity, efficient disposal methods are identified and implemented.

WIth SnapTracker, bkm provides standard and custom reporting that empower you to make decisions based on up-to-the-minute product details.  For example:

  • Standard Product reports contain the database detail for each record on file, including a digitized illustration or drawing if desired. The information on each unit usually fills about one full page. These are often retained for occasional reference in “master” books, organized by location, asset type, or another useful sequence.
  • Inventory Listings can be produced as either detail or summary reports, and again sorted in a desired sequence as suggested by the diagram opposite. In addition to printing inventory summaries on a regular schedule for management reporting, such listings can also be produced on an ad hoc basis in response to specific search criteria.
  • Reconfiguration Analysis reports are most often used when planning a series of office moves or a major relocation. Their purpose is to identify groups of assets that might be deployed so as to reduce the anticipated costs involved.
  • Inventory Management reports answer the basic “How many do I have, and where are they?” type questions – the stock in trade of day-to-day decision making. When combined with on-line historical data, this information can be used for a wide range of budgeting and strategic planning tasks.

bkm conducts ongoing audits to assure information accuracy.  Your inventory will be kept in an organized and accessible fashion, guaranteeing optimal reuse and applications to assure the right workspace, every day.